The Slow Motion Beauty of a Train Platform

The Slow Motion Beauty of a Train Platform


I came across these images and found myself watching it over and over.  I’m always telling my students that we don’t really see the world properly.  Our minds are in so many places and we are thinking along multiple tracks that we get “lost”.

The world moves so quickly and these videos allow us to slow down and really see something.

That something is people waiting at a train station.  There is a sense of movement and beauty in these stark images.  I’m also technically impressed at how artist Adam Magyar got the footage.  Click the photo to learn more.

Screen Shot 2014-03-10 at 9.53.25 PM

Filmed in Tokyo, New York and Berlin, Magyar positioned himself on trains as they pulled into subway stops, filming the waiting crowds at 50 frames per second using a high-speed camera. The resulting footage creates an uncanny feeling as the train is clearly moving quickly through the station, but the people seem to remain motionless.

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