Leadership Succession Planning…How to Pick a Pope!

 Leadership Succession Planning…How to Pick a Pope!

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Choosing a Leader

Succession planning is a process for identifying and developing internal people with the potential to fill key business leadership positions in the company and the Vatican is no different.

We’ve created a little Drawnimation video that helps to explain the process of Papal Succession.  When you have an organization like the Catholic Church with such a rich tradition of history many of the “methods” used in the transition process seem peculiar to us.

Silver Hammer

One such instance that we cover in the video is that you had to verify the death of the Pope.  First step is to call out his name and then you tap him on the head three times.  If he doesn’t respond then he is dead and the voting can begin for the next Pope.  Beatles fans may think of “Maxwell’s Silver Hammer” from the Abbey Road album.

How to Pick a Pope!

How to Pick a Pope!

Our  first Drawnimation was a little lesson in avoiding the dreaded pickpocket and it has proven to be quite popular!

There is no doubt we are having a lot of fun making these short videos!

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