Bill Gates and his Book List

Bill Gates and his Book List

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Although ITATs runs on Apple we still like our pal Bill Gates.  Call it strange but we are fascinated by the books that Mr. Gates placed on his website.  Once you get there you can click on various books and Bill writes a short book report for you.


It’s kind of like “Gates Notes”.  Some of these are on our bookshelves at the ITATs headquarters.

I especially liked Guns, Germs and Steel by Jared Diamond.  I got through the Pulitzer Prize winning book on a long plane flight.  The author explores the idea that certain triggers in the late Stone Age allowed certain cultures to dominate others.  These advances echoed through the centuries and affect us today.

Bill also chooses a lot of good texts that delve into some of the issues surrounding the current state of higher education.  A topic near and dear to our hearts.

Check it out here:

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Photo Credit David Quentin

Photo Credit David Quentin



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    Bill Gates and his Book List » ITATs

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    Bill Gates and his Book List » ITATs


    Bill Gates and his Book List » ITATs

  • […] Bill Gates and his Book List February 22, 2014 […]

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    Bill Gates and his Book List » ITATs

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