Barcelona Bathroom: Very Clever

  This is the sign that denotes the Men and Women’s restroom at a restaurant in Barcelona, Spain.  Minimal and effective. Via

Comic Book Ads: Over the Top and Fun!

For those of us who grew up in the era of classic comic books there was nothing that was more fun than going to the corner drug store and getting the latest Superman…taking it home…and

Trevi Fountain in Rome

This photo just came in from Rome.  Doesn’t look like its a great time to see the Trevi Fountain. Let’s hope that the scaffolding doesn’t hang around that long and it will once again return

Charles Bridge in Prague: One of the Most Beautiful Spots in Europe

This bridge is so spectacular and amazingly photogenic.  Prague is such a lovely city and has retained it’s historical character.  The Charles Bridge has to be one of the most visually dramatic bridge-scapes on the

Walt Disney World Slides from the 1970′s Part II

Hop aboard our “Highway in the Sky” as we post up more Walt Disney World Panavue Slides from the 1970′s early 1980′s.  This continues another series of images that I pulled from old family