French Travel Tips for Visiting America

  From our “isn’t it interesting how other cultures see us as Americans?” files I found this great guide for the French if they move to America. 11 French Travel Tips for Visiting America (via Google

Art+Travel=Culture ,Disney - February 21, 2015

Walt Disney World Design Field Guide: Main Street USA, Part II

Town Square on Main Street In our second installment of our Main Street Field Guide we are going to focus on the Town Square area of Main Street in Walt Disney World.  If you missed

Art+Travel=Culture ,Culture - February 8, 2015

Myths and Falsehoods

There are so many reasons why I love this infographic.  For one thing it is well designed (Bravo i09) and the other is that I thought a large majority of these were “true”.  I’ve

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Italy from Space

I am a big fan of astronaut Reid Wiseman’s photos that he took from the space station.  I agree with him that Italy has to be one of the most distinctive countries to see