Art ,Art+Travel=Culture - October 28, 2014

Jackson Pollock’s Floor

Today I learned that you can visit Jackson Pollock’s studio that he shared with Lee Krasner in Long Island, NY.  It would feel odd to walk on these floors as I’m guessing it would

Art ,Art+Travel=Culture - October 24, 2014

Graphic Design Posters by Frustrated Graphic Designers

I came across these a while back on Reddit and I wanted to share with my students who are Graphic Design majors.  I share many of these frustrations along with other

Walt Disney World Comic Book

Walt Disney Comics Digest was published for 57 issues from 1968 to 1976. The contents consisted (with few exceptions) of reprints, mainly from the various licensed Disney properties published by Gold Key. Most focused on

Thomas Struth Pantheon

German Photographer Thomas Struth continues to create images that are engaging and thought provoking.  I’ve shown him in my classes for a number of years.  I was recently in New York and caught this