Art+Travel=Culture ,Disney - November 18, 2014

Walt Disney World Slides from the Mid 1970’s VI: Characters!

  In my family one of our favorite parts of a Walt Disney World visit are meeting the characters.  My kids and I faithfully look at the park maps and our WDW app to find

Eiffel Tower from Below

  We’ve all seen all the photos of the Eiffel Tower from every conceivable angle….well at least that is what I thought until I saw this one. via

Art ,Art+Travel=Culture - November 11, 2014

Pantone Skin Colors

This artist photographs and organizes people based on the Pantone number of their skin color.  My students in my painting class are working on portraits and I spent a lot of time talking about

Art ,Art+Travel=Culture - November 10, 2014

Maus Lettering Instructions from Art Spiegelman

Ever since I worked at a bookstore in undergrad I have been a fan of the Maus series.  This dark graphic novel has won piles of awards.  I recently came across this sheet of

Art ,Art+Travel=Culture - November 9, 2014

Times Square, New York Taking It from the Top

  This image recently showed up on the front page of  We thought this was a good way to get a good overview of Times Square.  We also thought this image made us nauseous