Raphael in Rome

Each year I am lucky enough to lead a trip to Italy where I take my students to study art and make drawings.  I’ve written about it on this site before and I lovingly

Our Friend the Atom: Disney Science

From the old Disneyland TV show there was a particularly interesting episode that explained the Atom.  It spawned a book and I think the illustrations are dated and

Art ,Art+Travel=Culture ,Disney - March 17, 2015

Disney Artist Albert Hurter

Swiss born artist Albert Hurter (1883-1942) was the first inspirational sketch artist at the Disney studios.  He worked primarily on Snow White, Pinocchio through Dumbo and some other smaller features.  I came across a

Power of Art: A Dying Wish

This truly shows the power of art.  I’m glad she could see these paintings. A terminally ill woman looks at a self portrait of Rembrandt at Amsterdam’s Rijksmuseum. A Dutch charity granted a dying woman’s

Bugs Bunny Backgrounds: Artistic Treasures

Growing up I loved watching Bugs Bunny cartoons on Saturday morning.  Warner Brothers cartoons focused on humor and personality in contrast to Disney’s focus on artistic beauty and story.  Yet the old Bugs Bunny