Art+Travel=Culture ,Authentic ,Travel - September 27, 2014

Italy Travel Myths that Need Dispelling

For all of us who regularly travel to Italy there are many myths that have crept up over the years that are either overblown or completely wrong.  I’ve collected a little list of them

Art ,Art+Travel=Culture - September 24, 2014

Matisse Letter

I found this beautiful image of a letter written by Henri Matisse to the Tate Gallery.  I don’t see an address…all I see is a beautiful

Window Washers: Bravest Humans on Earth

Take a look at these photos of window washers via the Chicago Tribune.  These people have no fear of heights.

I Love London

This may be my favorite T-Shirt ever.  Good job to the company who made this.  May be a good time to re-evaluate the Graphic Design Team.   via

Art+Travel=Culture ,Disney - September 19, 2014

Walt Disney World Slides from the 1970’s Part V: Tomorrowland

Back to the treasure trove of Walt Disney World Images from the 1970’s with a little tribute to Tomorrowland.  White, sleek and futuristic and don’t forget about those spires.  We will go through Space