Art+Travel=Culture ,Disney - October 1, 2014

Walt Disney World Slides from the 1970’s Part VI: Fantasyland

ITATs is proud to offer up another serving of Walt Disney World vintage slides from the glorious 1970’s.  In this installment we go to Fantasyland.  As you step out of the way-back machine you

Chasing Sargent

I want to take a moment to briefly tell you that I love this painting.  The brushstrokes, the color, the color mixing and above all else the beautiful expression Sargent captured in her face.

Phone Call to Darth Vader

Back in 1980 I was a big Star Wars fan and like many other 8 year olds out there I was anxiously awaiting the sequel to the 1977 mega-hit. I distinctly remember that as part

Art+Travel=Culture ,Authentic ,Travel - September 27, 2014

Italy Travel Myths that Need Dispelling

For all of us who regularly travel to Italy there are many myths that have crept up over the years that are either overblown or completely wrong.  I’ve collected a little list of them

Art ,Art+Travel=Culture - September 24, 2014

Matisse Letter

I found this beautiful image of a letter written by Henri Matisse to the Tate Gallery.  I don’t see an address…all I see is a beautiful