Art ,Art+Travel=Culture - April 17, 2015

Gothic Cathedrals in Europe: My Top Six

If I am traveling and I see a cathedral you can be assured I will want to visit it.  I have spent over 25 years going to Europe and I have been lucky enough

Art ,Art+Travel=Culture - April 16, 2015

Christina’s World and Julien Mauve

I’ve always enjoyed Wyeth’s work.  Christina’s World is a must stop when visiting MOMA.  I recently found Julien Mauve’s strangely hypnotic photographs as

Hanging Around in the Italian Dolomites

  These photos both exhilarate and scare me at the same time.  This group of adrenaline junkies create slack lines and then climb out and set up their hammocks.  I’ve spent time in the Italian Dolomites but I’m much

Art+Travel=Culture ,Disney - April 6, 2015

Walt Disney World Slides from the 1970’s: It’s a Small World

Few classic Disney rides are as decisive as It’s a Small World but I regard this attraction as a Mary Blair masterpiece.  These slides capture the ride not soon after the Magic Kingdom opened

Art ,Art+Travel=Culture - April 4, 2015

John Singer Sargent: Hands

John Singer Sargent looms as a giant in my artistic imagination.  His brush strokes are so loose and whimsical up close and then you back up and he just nails it.  He was very