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How to Find Wifi in Italy

April 16, 2014 – 10:53 pm |

How to Find Wifi in Italy
Updated May 2014
We all know …

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How to Find Wifi in Italy

April 16, 2014 – 10:53 pm |

How to Find Wifi in Italy

Wifi CoverUpdated May 2014

We all know that Italy isn’t the easiest place for Wifi.  But with yearly visits and friends who live there I have this list of some go-to spots when you’ve got to get online or want to skype without the awkward pauses.


NB: Thanks to an asinine Italian law requiring all Internet users to register every single online session using their passport numbers as I.D., the majority of Italian networks are now password protected.  Both you and they would get a fine if it was discovered that you were using their Internet connection without first registering your ID.  This law was instituted to help “the fight against terrorism” but in reality was nothing more than a political power grab to allow the government to spy on everyone.

I also have to thank Rome Revealed, Venice and numerous other sites for help on the specifics!


Many bars and cafès in Rome now offer wireless Internet access to their customers, so if you pop in somewhere and order a cappuccino, it’s worth it to ask if they have Wi-Fi. After that, there’s usually the fun part where they try to spell out their password for you in a language you may not speak – but most places will have it written down somewhere, and if not, it’s another way to learn Italian letters and numbers!

1.  Piazza Navona, stroll over to the Caffetteria d’Arte al Chiostro del Bramante(Via della Pace, 26)

2. Colosseum area, Café Café, Via di S.S. Quattro 44 10:00-1:30am


Café Café

3.  Other great spots in the centro storico include Circus (Via della Vetrina, 15) and Fandango Incontro (Via dei Prefetti, 22), as well as Barnum Cafè (Via del Pellegrino 87).





4.  Piazzale Flaminio, try out Manaish Oriental Bakery (Piazzale Flaminio, 6)

5.  Vero (Via Marcantonio Colonna, 30), right by the Lepanto metro stop, is also a great place to get American coffee, smoothies, and desserts as well as freshly prepared food.

6.  Periodico Cafè (Via Leonina 77) is a great option in the Monti neighbourhood,

7.  Trastevere – Nick Nowego Cafè (Via della Paglia 6) has a cozy atmosphere and lovely sitting room to get comfortable with your laptop, and they serve great desserts and drinks.

8.  Another option is Roma Wireless ( This service offers free Wi-Fi for two hours a day in different spots throughout the city, including Campo de’ Fiori, Largo Argentina, and the Trevi Foutain. When you walk into one of their hot spots, the Roma Wireless network will pop up, and from there all you have to do is open your browser and log in. The first time will require that you register with the site.



I would say that Florence is better than Rome for Wifi but that really isn’t saying much.  Firenze WiFi is a free service but a pain in the ass.  Avoid.

1.  Oblate Library (Biblioteca delle oblate) Via dell’Oriuolo, 26.  Need ID and Passport to register.


2.  Le Murate-Caffe Letterario, via agnolo, via ghibellina piazza Beccaria. Quirky and cool.  Can stay a long time.  Full of hipsters.


 Le Murate

3.  Meykadeh, Via dei Pepi 14r (Santa Croce Area)  Try the tea. 



This is by far the toughest major city to get Wifi in Italy.  There is something called VeniceConnect but you need a subscription.

40135501.McinVenice1.  McDonalds, Strada Nova.  There is only one McDonalds in Venice and sadly you have to buy something to use their Wifi.

2.  Internet Café, San Marco, Calle Stagneri 5239 – 30124 Venice – Italy.  Near the Rialto bridge.

3.  Internet Café, Venetian Navigator, Calle Stagneri, Venezia, Italy

Be sure to send us a message or post in the comments if you know of some other places I can add to the list!

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